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{Renault DDT2000} [March-2022]




Interior Design by: Interview with: How did the room turn out? Do you wish you had done more or less? I am so happy with how the room turned out! I am not typically a big DIY kind of girl, but this room really made me realize that I can do a lot of things myself that I didn’t know I could. In what ways do you have a personal design style? My personal style consists of fashion and home decor but I do love simple and vintage elements. I think it’s important to maintain a balance in your home; a piece of furniture that is not in keeping with the style that you’re going for, can sometimes be difficult to work around. How do you feel about your home design style? I feel pretty good about the way that my home turned out, but I’m always looking to improve it. It’s nice to have my home reflect me, but I am always looking to make it better. Are there any particular colors, finishes, or products that you are drawn to? I love rustic, farmhouse styles and old world decor. I’m always on the hunt for old fashion dolls and embroidery. These are the things that I love to collect and incorporate into my home. Can you share any tips for how to streamline a room without going overboard? The main thing to streamline is a room is going to be what you use the most. I know that is not always easy, but if you are careful to focus on how you will use a room, you are going to have a lot more luck in keeping a room looking good and simple. Do you have a particular item that you would recommend to others? I really like this picture frame. It’s one of the best looking ones that I’ve seen. I’ve got to say, the rustic, colonial feel of the cottage is super charming! What inspired the room? Was it something you were searching for? My home was purchased in a really old house that was falling down so it was a challenge to come up with something that was going to make the home functional for my family. I didn’t really have a vision, it was really just a blank slate! I was in need of a change and my boyfriend was really supportive of me!




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{Renault DDT2000} [March-2022]
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